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807 chapters in 365 stories!

A 1/6 World: The Letter (parts 1 - 3) by OnLYiMA
A short, but sweet story of a woman and the letter she receives.

20 Miles South of Heaven (all 2 parts) by Arima
A tragic story of war and the friendships it destroys.

24 Hour Princess (all 2 parts) by Chibi Alex-chan
The short story of Alex's cunning plan to get her muse a boyfriend.

The 4th Horseman (parts 1 - 5) by Chibi Alex-chan
A teenaged boy's life is turned upside down when a stranger appears.

7th Moon by Michael Joy
A cybernetic warrior and his friend escape a high-tech training ground to find their past. [This story was an entry in the 1st Mount Helicon Kamishibai Competition.]

7th Moon: The Series (all 8 parts) by Hidariude
A super soldier chooses to escape the team and Hidariude begins to question his reason for being.

Abatori (all 3 parts) by SeikaHoshi
Miku is creating a Kisekae doll when her system starts talking to her.

Adventure Through the Realms by Super Saiyan Bob
An adventure through AD&D's Forgotten Realms.

The Adventures of Amy (parts 1 - 3) by Dustin Pruitt
Amy is off in reckless pursuit of Lord Gemma and Xandrea.

The Adventures of Dumbass (parts 1 - 2) by NeoBlaze
What does it take to get Dumbass out of bed in the morning?

The Adventures of the Great Kafka (parts 1 - 2) by Adam Dahlstr÷m
Kafka is in search of inspiration. What a strange journey indeed!

Agile Heros (parts 1 - 5) by Quova Hime
Helve and Myouku come to our little planet in search of their pet DokiToki.

Ai Tenshi Yuki Tenoh (parts 1 - 3) by Chibi Sailor Moon
A wand transports Yuki to a place of angels.

Alexia's Wish (parts 1 - 3) by Bonnie Simons
Everyone in Concordia is afraid of Alexia, but why?

Alien Diary - Why humans are weirdos by Toni
An alien provides his observations on some strange human behavior.

American Idol Mysteries (parts 1 - 4) by TanyaGI
American Idol's Top Ten are stranded in Woking, England and have to solve mysteries to make the rent.

Amy's Kitchen by OnLYiMA
Come and see what's happening in Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen: Guy's Story (all 7 parts) by OnLYiMA
Who really is Amy's friend Guy?

Angel of Destruction (parts 1 - 4) by Ivonne M.
An angel is sent back to Earth to avenge her murder and save the world.

AnimeJUKEBOX by Quova Hime
A smorgasbord of anime music and images.

Arkangel by Ark
Arkangel needs a vacation after defeating Nemesis but Nemisis has other plans for our hero.

The art of doing a truely bad kami by Toni
An excellent tutorial on how to create a bad kamishiabi.

Artificial Eden (parts 1 - 8) by Robinton17
A rebel named Ana sets out to destroy "the perfect world" created through years of war.

Ash meets Sengoine by Shera Starr
Ash of Pokemon fame has a run-in with a Sengoine.

Assorted Sailormoon Pictures and Music by Anne (a.k.a Mako-chan)
A collection of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon pictures and music.

Atalan by Anime Freak
Join Atalan the Animalite and friends in the fight against the Laazomets.

Ate by Red Succubus
A young woman loses her way in a dark forest.

Avengard: The Serpent War by Two lazy non-artists from EYDC
Seraph dreams the death of his beloves Isobel and sets of to save her.

Battle Of ... (parts 1 - 2) by Shael Jenias
What do a young genius, a war machine, and the planet Galia have in common?

Beautiful Dreamer (parts 1 - 4) by Sephira jo
Sonyadora Santiago is a normal teen who finds herself in the middle of a battle between gods with her as the prize.

A Bed Time Story for Rini of Time Past by Meggy Lynn
Queen Jupiter tells Rini a story to help her fall asleep.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Polaris (all 2 parts) by Tenchi
Sailor Polaris finds herself trapped in a Sailor Moon parody from hell.

Bittersweet Romance by Chibi Alex-chan
A kamishibai dating sim.

Blink For Reality: Interview by Panda-chan
A fictional interview around Blink for Reality.

Blob Fighters by Krispy krillin
A fighting game for kamishibai.

Blobs Quest - Starring: Xeno by James Pilarcik
This is the tale of Xeno, the superhero slime.

Blue Cathedral (parts 1 - 8) by Arima and Chibi Alex-chan
Three people with no memories seek the mythic Blue Cathedral in a world of gypsies and monsters. [This story was an entry in the 1st Mount Helicon Kamishibai Competition.]

Bob The Monkey by Albert Riccio
Bob wanted to watch TV but things quickly get out of hand.

Bread/Styx by Lee 'des' O'Connor
A scientist named Bread builds a gateway to the Underworld.

Brittania's Music Album by Brittania
A jukebox featuring many different kinds of music.

The Burning Vent of Death (parts 1 - 2) by Brittany Taylor
A strange preview of a strange kamishibai.

The Bus Stop of Doom by Ryan Hill
Watch the grand adventures of two crudely drawn stickfigures, waiting at a bus stop!

Business With Raju by Khammoos [SNICKERS]
Action Thriller Chiller!

Captain Jack and the Meteor-Lily (all 2 parts) by Arima
Captain Jack battles across space to find the Meteor-Lily that can save his poisoned girl!

Cats of Xerone (parts 1 - 2) by Sarahkin
A story about a group of universe protectors in the form of cats.

Cha cha cha! by Taters
Midori and Yumi share boy troubles and reality steps in.

Chewing Gum Spit Boy (parts 1 - 2) by Amyl
Amyl's adventures with chewing gum and meeting people.

Chibi TicTacToe by Tween Waters
The game of Tic Tac Toe in Kamishibai format.

Chibi Usa meets Momoko by Chibi Usa-chan
Chibi Usa and Momoko will come close to meeting each other!

Chibi usa Teaches Basic Japanese by BiKi MaKaBi
Chibi usa teaches some simple, everyday Japanese phrases.

Child of the Child of the Pomegranate (parts 1 - 3) by TENIME Art Studios
In this sequel to Child of the Pomegranate, Shintenshi searches for his girl.

Child of the Pomegranate (all 4 parts) by Chibi Alex-chan
Adam Ringo meets the Child of the Pomegranate.

Cho Sen Won by Michael Joy
The balance of the universe rests on the shoulders of Cho Sen Wan.

Chris MAniacal: A space Tragedy by John Ricks
Chris MAniacal is rescued by a lonely space crew.

The Chrono Trigger "Time to Time" Quiz by Karthokrinden
A short quiz about the SNES game Chrono Trigger.

Cinderella by KawaiiUrania
The classic story of Cinderella in Kamishibai format.

City of Glass by Xixi An
Can two lovers separated by time and distance reunite and find their love again?

Cloud and Tifa:Words by Nanaki Lioness
A sweet fanfiction turned into a Kamishibai, a must-read for any Cloud and Tifa fan.

Codename: SailorM! by Meagen
A new take on our favorite comedic senshi, Sailor-M!

Crickets by Rimmer
An epic tale of crickets. Yes, crickets.

Crinsim Warriors (parts 1 - 8) by Cristiana:)
Four humans are chosen to fight for the planet Mercury.

Cry of the Phoenix (parts 1 - 4) by Oubliette
Ashanni attempts to ascend to High Priestess but something goes terribly...different.

Crystalis: Legend of the Crystal Sword by Karthokrinden
In the first episode, we meet Calvis who offers to help a young girl.

Cu Bono by Red Succubus
Five girls have their souls enslaved with chaotic results.

Curse of the Poison Skull: Deebo version by Deanna Taylor
The curse of the poison skull claims Deanna as a victim.

Curse of the Poison Skull: Meg version by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
The curse of the poison skull claims Meg as a victim.

Curved Blade by Laffin
A boy, his hatred, his hurt, his pain, and the destruction done to himself. (This story is an entry in the Kami Piquant).

Cutey Dummy (parts 1 - 3) by WarpZone
A Tenchi-by-way-of-Cutey-Honey story full of laughs and surprises.

Dark Green (all 17 parts) by Cherry-Chan
Midori faces a dilemma: her worst enemy is her best friend!

Dark Meteor (parts 1 - 4) by Karthokrinden
Read the true story behind the legendary weapon Dark Meteor!

Dark Moon Rising (all 2 parts) by Chibi Alex-chan
A woman wrongly burned as a witch is back for revenge.

Darkened Hearts and Broken Dreams by Lost
Princess Moriana trusts the wrong person and everything goes wrong from there.

Dating your Dream by Deeps
Susie needs help taking Mathew to the prom.

Dave's Madness (all 2 parts) by Dave 13
Dave 13 takes a nasty walk through the city to kick anime butt.

A day that will live in Infamy by Cristiana:)
Nanni's day is like any other day -- until tragedy strikes!

De Killer Society (parts 1 - 3) by Red Succubus
What happens if the avatar of the forces controlling mankind's destiny has a change of heart?

Death Valley by Tenchi
It all began at a funeral when Deanna Walker disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Demon Hunter Giest: Cavern of Shades (all 4 parts) by Cooper
A story game where you guide the Demon Hunter through the Cavern of Shades.

Demon Slayer "L." by Michael Stearns
It's not just another day in Leanne's Kitchen in this "Amy's Kitchen" send-up.

Deviations by Tenchi
In a world where mutants exist, what does it take to be a hero?

Diary of an Emo Drama Queen by Red Succubus
5 funny tales from a teenage drama queen.

Din by Trunks
A young girl, abandoned in the forest, is befriended by another girl.

Dinky Queen by Gorby
The weird origins of the latest magical girl heroine, Dinky Queen!

Divinities (parts 1 - 4) by Redd
And just what does a 14-year-old amateur Goddess look like, anyways?

Do Your Favorite Colors Describe You? by Jennifer Bolico
Take the Color Personality Test!

Dracula (parts 1 - 5) by Toni
Dracula is back and Simon is the one to stop him.

Dragon Ball Z vs. Tenchi Muyo by Ngan Tran
What happens when Dragon Ball Z meets Tenchi Muyo?

The Dragon's Quest by Lisa Prior
A children's tale of how a little dragon helps a lonely elfwoman find her long lost love.

Dragonball Super Z: Walk This World by Juuhachi-gou
A fanfic featuring the characters from DragonBall Super Z.

Dragonball Z: Battle Against Radditz by Jack Frost
A synposis of the first half of the battle between Goku and Radditz.

Dragonslayer Alpha by Princess Quova
The day Akeena found out about her destiny as a Dragonslayer.

Dreamers (all 9 parts) by Chibi Alex-chan
Snake dreams of butterflies and strange lights in mirrors.

Elements (parts 1 - 5) by AceySpacey
Soko's friend Mitsomi shows her something really strange.

Epic Fail Loli by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
Yuho wants to be a magical girl to attract friends and potential dates. Her plan goes awry.

Epic of the Lumberjack by Matthew Falls
The epic tale of Scott who has been called upon to be the Holy Lumberjack.

Epitaph (all 2 parts) by Arima
What does one say to those you leave behind?

Errant Days by Meli
Is the house Chloe passes every day haunted or isn't it?

Eternal Jupiter (parts 1 - 5) by Lisa Jade
When Lisa Jade buys her new Sailor Moon Super S box set something very strange happens.

The Eternal Legend (parts 1 - 2) by Tibs
Chris and Orona and their quest to restore their dying kingdom.

Evan (parts 1 - 2) by mr. chan
Two high school students are drafted to save another world as well as their own.

The Evil Smily Face Saga by Paul Schuler
An evil smiley, born from a tattoo, wreaks havoc on the world.

Explorers of Forbidden (parts 1 - 2) by NightShade
Being a great woman elfighter isn't so great...

The Exterminator by Root Studio
A graphic adaptation of a Dadaist/Cut-up poem.

Eyes of Insanity by Immortal Pain
This is the story about a twisted lion named Anotsu.

The F (all 2 parts) by Angel Princess Earth
The story of a girl named Joanna who got an F one day.

Fallen Petals by Hoshi
A lonely girl haunts a house a young man moves into.

Fallout Girl by Red Succubus
The pilot episode for about a ditzy super heroine who gets her own talk show!

FF7 - Reunion (parts 1 - 2) by Ryuji
The continuation of the FF7 storyline -- but with a twist!

Final Fantasy 3 Music by Tenchi
A Final Fantasy 3 musical jukebox.

Final Fantasy 7 Jukebox by Tom Aurick
A Final Fantasy 7 jukebox.

Final Fantasy: Warriors of Light by Michael Joy
Biggs and Wedge Highwind must rescue their father and save the world in true Final Fantasy tradition.

The Fire Witch by Cylipso
The story of a lone witch, searching for a cure for her fieryness!

[fragile] by DeCayK
A sad story about a love that was not supposed to be...

The Galactic Fighter's Saga (parts 1 - 2) by Serena Love
A story about the Sailor Scouts most recent adventure.

Galaxy Cruiser GENESIS by Ngan Tran
What happens when you man a star ship with anime characters?

George - Future Perfect by Brother Theo
In a perfect world, a story of loss and emptiness.

Go, Green, Go! (parts 1 - 10) by (Various Authors)
When two green characters meet, all hell breaks loose!

Good Night by ElaineMc
She's only nine, and she's alone, and it's very dark in the house.

The Grand Ellemera Saga by AW
Sion sets out to find the missing Princess Minerva on the floating islands of Zephus!

Grand Slayber (parts 1 - 2) by Jason Martinson
A role-playing game in a Kamishibai!

H Illusions by WarpZone
The angst of a troubled teenager told through haiku and nude photos!

Halaboo by Cherry M
Two geeks fighting about a stupid little problem....Who is going to win???

Hanimon (parts 1 - 3) by Dihang Wu
Thre friends go to Hanimon World but first they have to beat the Rock.

Hansel and Gretel by KawaiiUrania
A contemporary look at the classic fable.

Happenstanceę Incorporated! by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
The story of two friends attempting to escape from a psyhciatric hospital.

Harold Anderson and the Value of Cheap Imitations by London
Harold Anderson lost something when he left the Earth, but discovered that a little reminder can go a long way.

Head-Z (parts 1 - 2) by Kyne
A lone head takes out an entire city and escapes, only to find he has lost his identity!

Heart (parts 1 - 2) by Rebecca-chan
Kokoro's life changes when she meets two crazy characters in her dream.

Henry! by Jason Rakosik
A young man learns he is immortal and sets out to find a cure!

The Heroic Legend of Mad Monkey Kung-Fu! by Root Studio
An incredibly funny take on how the Mad Monkey Kung Fu technique was created

Hide and Seek (all 2 parts) by ElaineMc
Josie's best friend Maddie disappears and it's up to Josie to find her.

High City (parts 1 - 5) by MaryEllen
A story of a scientist's invention destroying civilization and her attempts to fix it.

The Highwayman by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
Two lovers plain to run away, one a criminal, the other willing to do anything for him.

Hikawa Hijnks! (all 6 parts) by Rebecca "Ribby" Rudeen
At Hikawa High School, Reiko's science fair project goes strangely awry!

Hoshi no Tabi by Lieko
Maigo and Nozomi meet the stars of anime on the way home from school.

How to Reunite a Band (parts 1 - 4) by TanyaGI
Style Council make plans to keep the Day-Glo Orange band together.

In The Battle Of Good And Evil (all 5 parts) by Lost
She was ripe for the picking but which side of good and evil would win her over?

The Inconspicuous Adventures of the Little Android Boy (all 4 parts) by TENIME Art Studios
When Newport's finest battery-operated officer goes berserk, a team of scientists get together to create the Little Android Boy.

The Innuendo Crew by Red Succubus
The Innuendo Crew bursts into action searching for a stolen "male chicken".

Is Sailor Moon Real? by Tiffany Wu
Kami, Kara, and Annie, three normal, regular girls, are determined to find out if Sailor Moon is real.

The Jam (all 3 parts) by TanyaGI
The Jam pull a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in Boston.

James Bond 007: Escape from Russia by Solitary arts
You play James Bond in this game of escape.

Jealousy and the Other (all 2 parts) by Brittany Taylor
A severe misunderstanding between B and Meg causes drama!

Jewel Warriors by Chibi chan
There are new warriors in town defending the world against Melvin and his sidekick Luna.

Journey to the West: Monkey King (parts 1 - 2) by Hidariude
The story of how Son Goku, the Monkey King, became imprisoned beneath a mountain.

Kamific: Pokemon Battle by Tenchi
Ash of Pokemon fame picks on the characters of other Kamishibai stories.

Kamikaze Saint: Kochou (all 7 parts) by Arima
To redeem himself, the Kamikaze Saint must make good the sins of his former life.

Kamishibai Masterclass by (Various Authors)
Learn from the masters what it takes to create a Kamishibai!

Kamishibai Nihon-go by TanyaGI
A series that teaches basic Japanese using Kamishibai characters.

Kasper Reads Dark Poetry by SeikaHoshi
16 dark and moody poems from Kasper.

Kawaii Hoshoga (parts 1 - 2) by Seika-Hikaru Studios
Join three girls as they attempt to save their anarchist world from itself. No, really.

The Keeper of Nature (parts 1 - 6) by Cristiana:)
Help Ariella and Sassie protect Butterfly Island and save Princess Candie.

The Key by mr. chan
The story of a girl and her friend who is something more than she appears.

Kingdom Noire by Hoshi and Red Succubus
Exiled Avatar Mars and condemned mage Minerva set out on an epic journey to find the reason for the destruction of their kingdom.

Kiri by Taiyokodomo
Kiri discovers a mysterious book which lands her in trouble.

Kitty Series: Anime Summer Luv by Kitty
You are on a date with Momoko; the question is, how will it turn out?

The KotoDisaborba Project by Dan Minatrix
A short and strange precursor to a larger story about aliens.

Kurenai by Gretchen Graham
The troubles of a royal demon attending high school.

Kyla by Krys Jenkins
It is about the adventures of six people in a fantasy-type world named Kyla.

La Blanche (parts 1 - 9) by Red Succubus
The vampire known as The Danny steps through the doors of Dommiel's CafÚ to find enlightenment.

La la la! by AW
Susawa and Musyy are two teenaged girls looking for love!

The Legend of Aledarte (all 8 parts) by MaryEllen
Two gods are born among men to battle for a kingdom.

The Legend of Cuan (parts 1 - 3) by Chibi Alex-chan
A killer is released when Joe hacks into the wrong computer.

The Legend of Earl by Ben Gordon
Earl dreams of being a hero and freeing his land from the dark overlord.

The Legend of Mayo Tsunaki by Amyl
Listen to Mayo's story of his youth as a bodyguard.

Legend of St. Silver by Red Succubus
The St. Silver Association is torn apart by conflicting goals amid a corrupted world.

Light and Dark by Katie J
What happens when Light meets Dark and Dark knows more than Light?

Lost by Immortal Pain
A furry philosophizes on lost dreams and overcoming disaster.

Lost in Shadows by Token Frost
Token feels the memories of a forgotten past resurface.

Love in the Temple of Ice by Doug Wood
In this Ranma 1/2 fanfic, Kasumi makes a rendezvous in an icy temple.

The Love Of My Life by ELiza V.
Usagi runs into a new man in her life who hands her a mysterious blue rose.

Love Quest (parts 1 - 8) by Rebo Valence
Princess Amelia chooses a lover in her isolated kingdom.

Love, Romance and a Zombie by Espi and Enari
A story of aliens, sliders, Sailor Moon and a zombie!

Magic (parts 1 - 3) by Ness
Srjoki knows something important is going to happen and this event sets her and Bartho on a magical quest!

Magic Journey by mr. chan
A boy has set out on a Journey to save the world from Dark Shadow!

Magic Knights: A NEW Adventure by Rhea Arrowny
A new story about the Magic Knights return to Cephiro where they meet a mog(!?).

Magical Avengers The Jam (parts 1 - 7) by TanyaGI
Three New Wave musicians are tasked with saving the fate of everyone in England.

Magical Girl Chibi Kiju (parts 1 - 2) by Chibi Kiju
Chibi Kiju and her friend Anjiru follow bandits to another planet looking for a cat.

Magical Madness (parts 1 - 2) by Toni
When I boy wished that his life should be more interesting, he gets more than he can handle...

Magical Warriors Powerpuff (all 3 parts) by Katie J
The Powerpuff girls are about to encounter a strange new foe!

Maigi Dualism by Spiritkid
A young boy comes into an uncontrollable power that is Maigi.

Mamoru VS Seiya.... One on One by Naomi Tsuki
It's Mamoru finally confronting Seiya about his flirting with Usagi in his absence.

The Many Deaths of Stickboy by Lance Dodson
Stickboy has trouble coping with an "A" on his report card! New graphically enhanced version!

Maria's Happy Day by Maria-Elisa Heg
The interesting tale of Maria's one and only happy day.

Maulus: The Knight of Blood (parts 1 - 2) by Karthokrinden
Maulus the Mercenary takes on a Behemoth for the villagers of Tilanao.

McCartney and Wings (parts 1 - 19) by TanyaGI
Paul, Linda, and Denny are drafted to solve mysteries across time.

Meant to Be by Kawaii Urania
Two lovers part after a brief romance only to be reunited under less than ideal circumstances.

Mecha Club by WarpZone
An ordinary mecha fight at school turns into a nightmare!

Mega Girl by Em Aino
A girl, a mysterious jewel and trouble gets you Mega Girl!

Midnight Dancing by AW
Princess Ellemeria and Pince Zeruge have trouble getting together in this fairy tale!

Miko no Hoshi (parts 1 - 2) by Sephira jo
Kayo receives an unexpected and rude birthday present.

Ming and Dracoa (parts 1 - 9) by Lianu
Dracoa's visit to a restaurant gets very strange.

This story answers the question of where the fuse really goes in the title to the series/movie Mission: Impossible.

Mission: Rescue the World by Diego Fdez
Help Tim save the world by finding and destroying Chaos's captain!

Momoko Meets Sailor Moon by Hino ReiChan
When Momoko (Wedding Peach, the Love Angel) meets Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)!

Monarch Trainer! by WarpZone
An excellent strategy guide for playing Falcom's Lord Monarch.

Mood Swings by Rebecca Sparks
A collection of nine comic strips.

Moon Twins by Brittania
An introduction and recap of the popular "Moon Twins?" Sailor Moon fanfic. First of several parts.

More Girls Become Senshi For no Reason At All (or MGBSFNRAA) (parts 1 - 2) by Gj
Four girls awaken as "Senshi of the season" when a monster attacks the city.

Morrigan Aenslaed's Talk Show by Morrigan Aenlaed
Morrigan has her own trashy daytime talk show now.

Munkey Squad (parts 1 - 5) by Tenchi
Monkey Spit Boy battles the evil Royal Canadian Mounted Monkey.

My My Maki by onetiger
The crazy tale of an in-your-face kind of guy named Maki!

Mystery Moonies Shibai (parts 1 - 4) by Meagen
Sailor Moon a la MST3K!

The Mythical Series by Cylipso
The greek myth about the Apple of Discord.

Mythology (parts 1 - 7) by frecklegirl
Part 1 of an overview of the Greek Gods and Godesses.

Nanotech Project by Viper
Deki is flunking school and now his mother wants to see is progress report. Uh oh.

Nasser Noon by SNK Studios
Genghis wants to invade Twacao -- a village protected by Karthokrinden. Much hilarity insues.

The NEKP: BlueS by Arima
A What-If/fanfic story of Eden's past from the Neverending Kami Project.

Neon Revelations: Slayers (parts 1 - 7) by mr. chan
What happens when an evil seal is broken...?

The Neverending Kami Project: Guardians (parts 1 - 16) by (Various Authors)
In this first chapter, Eden and Jisella team up to stop Cordelia.

New Age: Return of the Jedite (parts 1 - 2) by Jennifer Parker
A "fan-fic" story wherein the Scouts learn that Jedite may be back in town!

The New Journey to the West (parts 1 - 3) by Hsieh
A modern retelling of the ancient Chinese legend of Son-Wu-Kong, the Monkey King!

A New Sailor Moon Episode (parts 1 - 2) by Minagui Kinomoto
The five girls know Haruka and Michiru and then...

A New World (parts 1 - 2) by Deanna Taylor
Mei Mei, Naoki and some friends set out on a journey . . . but they don't get very far.

New York New York by Majean
A story from the shounen-ai manga New York New York.

Nex Adventure's (all 5 parts) by Vermillion Kun
Nex becomes one of the elemental Guardians of the Earth.

Ninjitsu (parts 1 - 3) by Woodart SMS
Devion's first story before training to be a ninja.

No Jello for Hortense by Matthew Falls
Mulky the cannibal looks for something to eat.

No need for Inventions! by Quatre
Washuu is in her lab creating something and everyone wants to know what it is.

Nonetheless by Red Succubus
A young man named Joyroot receives a strange invitation.

Norah Serrano by ElaineMc
Help clairvoyant Nora Serrano ease the pain of a troubled ghost in this mini-game.

Odd Child by Laffin
A poor child with a sad life. Will he ever have better self-esteem?

THE ODDASS-C! by j-chan
A young man's life changes when he runs to the rescue of a pretty woman.

Olivia's Quest (parts 1 - 3) by Neko-Hime
The story of Olivia and her magical adventure on a mysterious island.

Oneida Dreams: Prologue by Sailor Yuffie
In a distant system, somebody is watching the inhabitants of five worlds.

Oracle Strikes Again! by LunaP
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus make an appearance when Queen Beril strikes again!

Otakuworld (parts 1 - 2) by TENIME Art Studios
Go behind the scenes of your favorite website as the avatars encounter strange troubles.

Our Sailor Group by Copper Sailor Cyber
Kit-sama, Kimi-chan, and Mea-san go to the beach.

P-ko Chan's Day (all 2 parts) by Tenchi
P-ko Chan is a smart-talking, alcoholic ladies' man and he likes it like that.

The Panda Bear Joke by Sailor Bunnie
What happens when a panda walks into a sushi bar?

Paradiso by AC
The planets Medieval Prime and Mother are warring over the planet Paradiso!

Pastel Defender Heliotrope by Jennifer Diane Reitz
Heliotrope is an automaton who finds love in her battle with the deranged Chartreuse!

Peach Girl by Fire Soul
A Kamishibai version of Miwa Ueda's manga, Peach Girl.

Pearl by PandaX
A boy finds a pearl in the forest and it changes his life

The Penguin Lust Saga (parts 1 - 2) by Derupta Suparuku
The beginning of a story of a young girl and a penguin living in her fridge.

Phace by max
Make a face, win a prize!

Piquant by Chibi Alex-chan
A demon steals Piquant's muse and Piquant must get it back.

Poke-A-Mon by Shael Jenias
Will Dust Pokem become a Poke-A-Mon Master? Will Dust be able to Poke them all?

Pokemon Episodes (all 2 parts) by Lisa Lu
A retelling of when Ash meets Pikachu.

Pretty Object Paradise (parts 1 - 3) by Red Succubus
Can our heroine overcome a bad friendship and find the magic she is seeking?

Pretty Sammy by Minagui Kinomoto
Sammy has to fight with her eternal rival, Pixy Misa.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Quiz by Mark Dodd
Test your knowledge of the 5th series of the Sailor Moon Saga!

A Puzzle from the Manga Shoggoth by Chris Leeson
A short, multi-path adventure where you have to find the exit.

Questors (parts 1 - 19) by Firefly
Suzume, an "enchanter-in-training" entrusted with a valuable artifact.

Ragnarok (parts 1 - 3) by Liza Fitzroy
Nesta accidentally releases a vampire from her coffin.

Rapunzel by Kodachi Batchix
Gorgon Euryale tells the true story of Rapunzel.

Raven's Dark Poetry (parts 1 - 4) by Raven Death
Dark and moody, death and anger. Poems that cry out.

The Red Frog Maze Game of Evil by Albert Riccio
Help Red find his way through three levels of mazes to get to a beach party.

Red Sorceress Reylin by ZombieFraction
Reylin used to be a powerful sorceress until she lost her powers. Now what will she do?

Rei and Usagi by Yvonne
Usagi visits Rei but only to read her manga. Sparks fly!

Rei's Angel by George Panella
A 17-year old girl meets her guardian angel!

Resident Eater (parts 1 - 2) by SNK
Sonikukeruso 'n' Karthokrinden are invited to a friend's house and a fight breaks out.

Rini Revenge (parts 1 - 2) by TaeChic3k
The evil Rini takes the place of the real Reeny. What else can go wrong?

Rita and the Backstreet Boys by Sabrina
Rita's Mom drags her to a Backstreet Boys concert where things do go as expected.

Rival Minds by Arima
Just how far are two junior high school students willing to go to be considered the best?

Rob Thomas -vs- Stephan Jenkins by The Savage One
Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 fights Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind!

Ryo's Rent (parts 1 - 2) by Cherry-Chan
It's rent day and David and Ryo don't know whose turn it is to pay it. Much hilarity insues.

Ryu Warriors (all 2 parts) by Chibi Kiju
Kiki Ken is sent out to the hall where she meets a boy she doesn't remember but should.

S. Idol by Red Succubus
Young Garth Banks faces many tough challenges when he enters a private school filled with talented musicians.

Sabrina Online by Chris Warkentine
Sabrina's Internet adventures begin! Adapted from the comic strip by Eric Schwartz.

Sailor Canius Lupus VS Luna by Slim Chrissy ^_^
Who do you think will win: The Sailor Scouts or Luna?

Sailor Moon : the continuacion (all 9 parts) by Sailor Vela
Who is there left to protect Princess Selenity?

Sailor Moon and the Nega-Scouts by Reikiko Sukaino
A new enemy emerges from the future in search of the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon can't transform!

Sailor Moon Episodes (parts 1 - 2) by Joyce Tse
Episodes 30 and 31 of Sailor Moon in Kamishibai style!

Sailor Moon Goes to Hell by Bonnie Simons
A funny story about a monster who gets the best of the Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Moon Kamishibai Music Box by Mandy Wright
12 Sailor Moon songs in one program.

Sailor Moon Meets the Beatles (all 7 parts) by TanyaGI
The Sailor Scouts travel back time to protect the Beatles from the evil Witches 5.

Sailor Moon Meets U2 (all 6 parts) by TanyaGI
The Sailor Scouts' new mission is to protect the band U2.

A Sailor Moon Series (parts 1 - 8) by Tiffany Wu
Sailor Moon is now Eternal Sailor Moon and she is really angry at the Negaverse!

Sailor Moon: A Sailor's Nightmare (parts 1 - 3) by Toni
A new evil from Egypt challenges the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon: Crisis! by Tenchi
The Amazon Duo are back to destroy the Moon Princess and steal the Sol Crystal.

Sailor Moon: CyberSenshi by Mandy Wright
This is a preview to a new Series of Sailor Moon stories starring the VERY great grandaughters of the scouts.

Sailor Twin Stars (all 2 parts) by chibineko
When evil strikes, who will appear? The Sailor Twin Stars!

Sailormoon Sailorstars: Replica Senshi by Crisis Dreams
The Sailor Senshi are relaxing when Rei foretells the coming of a horrifying new enemy!

Sailormoon VS Pokemon by Chibi "chan"
The Sailor Scouts in the land of Pokemon, making the most unexpected friends!

Savage Kingdom by Arima
A playable preview of the upcoming mystery interactive kamishibai!

Schiz 0.1 Beta by Casey the Crazed
Schiz 0.1 Beta is the tale of a Self Reprogramming robot, sent off to a lonely atmospheric refinary on garrison duty.

Scott the Skeet (all 3 parts) by John Ricks
Scott is a depressed and lonely sperm cell until he hears about the attack on Princess Forra.

Scream (all 2 parts) by Nikkou
A Mountain-Dew-induced sequel to Scream wherein a murder doesn't go as planned.

The Scullery Maid - A Fairy Tale by Sephira jo
What happens when you give up your firstborn for love?

The SD Adventures of Chaos Lady! by Sailor Dragon
Softbeat changes from Order to Chaos to save planet Earth and find love in the bargain!

Searching for Sashians by Pearl
A short game where the player searched for information on various creatures.

The Secret of Marie by Chris
Marie discovers she is actually an android and her world changes forever.

The Sephiroth Briefing by Richard "Bloodcat" Mitchell
An introduction to Richard's long-running WarHammer 40,000 campaign!

Serenade by Cherry-Chan
Willow is cursed on her 16th birthday and she and her friends will never be the same.

The Serpent Tree by Rob Blackmore
The short beginning of a dark journey for treasure.

Severance by Raven Death
Introduction to a girl trapped between the worlds of good and evil.

She Who Wears The Ruby Pendant: Siva by Jason Austin Martinson
Help Siva negotiate the maze to find the owner of a misplaced necklace.

The Sheepening: A Tale with a lot of Yarn, or: a Yarn with A LOT of Tail by Sephira jo
A young man is desperate to escape a most unusual curse.

Shining Force II Quiz by LOcO GAmEr
A test about the Shining Force II game!

Shining In The Night (parts 1 - 2) by Super_Son_Gohan
Help guide Antony into escaping the evil Nark army in this RPG story!

shonen story (parts 1 - 2) by Jaysen
A school athlete is rebuffed for saving a student from the school bullies.

Shujimaru: the Ninja from Space by Michael Stearns
Whenever Evil threatens the Earth, there's only one man to stand in it's way! He is Shujimaru!

Skip in Hoiyoiyoiyoi by Skip
Skip and Handsome Dan fight over who won Puzzle Fighter!

Skuld's Debuggin' Day by Kamirure Higurashi
Ice-cream, an incompetent sister, bugs and hammers! Oh My!

Slayers Jukebox by Julia
Music and images from the anime "The Slayers".

Sleeping Cutie (parts 1 - 2) by Flying Monkey
A fairytale story of a princess and her quest for love.

Sometimes Does Not Mean Always and Forever by Red Succubus
Will life always stay the same?

Sonic RPG: Green Hill Zone by Super Son Gohan
The Green Hill Zone is under attack by evil robots! Can you help Sonic defend his friends in this mini-RPG?

Sonic the Hedgehog Profiles by Zeer
An introduction to the six major characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog series!

Sopaville (all 2 parts) by David Musgrave
A wonderful homage to South Park but with a few interesting twists!

SoUnD TeSt! by Chin Hsieh
Kamishibai as a midi player with backgrounds? Check it out!

Sparkle Star (parts 1 - 7) by Chibi Alex-chan
Sparkle is a normal girl who wishes to be a hero.

Star Fighter by Dragon_Jex
This story is short and may feel like a cheesy sci-fi B-movie, but there's animation in it. Truly!

Star Soldier Polaris (parts 1 - 19) by Tenchi
Alicia's world changes when she learns she is Star Soldier Polaris.

Star Warrior: Silver (parts 1 - 5) by Akira
Kalista is on a mission to save her Queen from the coming Darkness.

Stick Wars by Larry Woods
A different take on the showdown between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Short and funny.

Stone Of Destiny (all 2 parts) by Cori Falls
The cruel King Malthain drives his daughter from the kingdom, he must turn to a mysterious young boy to become his heir.

Stories from New Center (parts 1 - 3) by Sailor Dragon
Tara joins the legions of vampires and discovers a whole new world right in her own city!

Stories of West Jr. High by Anime Freak
A short, angry story of two kids battling school!

Story of the big pig by Nick
This is a true story : the brave big pig's short journey.

Strangers and Beggars by Jamie F. and Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
Jack is lost until a young man named Miles helps him find the way.

Stray Explains Your Psychology Through Colors by Stray
A tongue-in-cheek look at your psychology via your favorite colors.

Sweet Land by AW
A humorous look at the art of seduction and dating!

Tabemono by Cherry-Chan
Michael has a few difficulties getting fed in Quebec.

Taccurb Omega Blade by Karthokrinden
A Taccurboid pilot is imprisoned for mass slaughter.

The Tail of Pippa by Dab
Pippa's tail keeps her from getting a boyfriend. Can you help?

Tales of Moryia (all 8 parts) by Hoshi
Kata was shunned as a half-elf but one day her destiny came a'calling.

Tammy and the Aliens by Pearl
Tammy is trying to do an english assignment when an idea lands in her yard.

Tears Upon No Grief by Xixi An
A story of lost love and grief and tears.

Tempus: The Awakened by Haruka Angel
Tempus tells us of the world he lives in and his plans for the future.

Tenchi Muyo and Fushigi Yuugi Jukebox by Jo-chan
A small music box with music from Tenchi Muyo and Fushigi Yuugi.

Tenchi Muyo Quiz by AW
Test your knowledge of Tenchi Muyo!

TENIME Coming Attractions by TENIME Art Studios
A preview of coming attractions from TENIME Art Studios.

That Still Centre (parts 1 - 4) by ElaineMc
Evelyn's world is turned upside down after a near-fatal heart attack.

This is hAvOC (parts 1 - 2) by Sailor Dragon
Trouble is brewing in Brunbyshire for Celeste and Charles. Will Carole's new friend help?

The Three Gs by Paul Schuler
Two friends go through an adventure of epic proportions!

Thwarted Escape by David Donovan
A hilariously less-than-successful escape attempt from a dungeon.

Time and Space (all 11 parts) by Jadeitea
Joan moves to a small town and finds she is now the Guardian of Time.

Time Catties by Riku
Three cat-like people from different times are brought together for a mysterious purpose.

Timmy's Adventures (all 2 parts) by Stray
Get to know the newest underdog hero of the Kami world - Timmy.

Titania's Heartstrings by Red Succubus
Something odd is about to erupt in the world of Titania's Heartstrings.

TL-17G (parts 1 - 8) by Shael Gaelick
TL-17G, a robot with a soul, does battle with Eco, another robot.

Tofu and Thousand Year Egg by Hidariude
A girl finds a thousand year old egg and then fights to protect what hatches from it.

Top 20 (parts 1 - 4) by Red Succubus
There's trouble for being on the Top 20 players of a massive virtual reality game. Real trouble.

Touji Suzahara: Evangelion Side Story (all 3 parts) by Ngan Bao Pham Tran
A side story featuring a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Trainers by TENIME Art Studios
This isn't your ordinary, garden-variety Pokemon battle!

The Trouble with Banshees.. by Kodachi Batchix
Anya Kyuukei and Umi the Carnelian battle banshees and vampires to make their mortgage payment!

Tuxedo Mask's Aid by Cylipso
When a girl saves Tuxedo Mask's life, Tuxedo finds her more than he can handle.

Two Natural Beauties (TNR) (all 2 parts) by Arima and TanyaGI
A fairytale about two girls and how one commits an unpardonable crime.

Unmotivated by Rikki Hyperion
Elie, the laziest eighth-grader around, meets the God of Motivation sleeping in her bed. [This story was an entry in the 1st Mount Helicon Kamishibai Competition.]

Usagi Saga by Tenchi
Take one part dementia, one part caffiene, let it bake for 24 hours and you get "Usagi Saga."

Vampire (parts 1 - 2) by Bunnie K. Yama
A story based on the Darkstalkers game.

A Very Maudlin Ghost Story (parts 1 - 3) by Rebecca Sparks
A lonely girl gets a second chance at life -- after death.

Videogames Forever by Cameron
A joke about the arrival of a video game.

The Visionary by Red Succubus
A short story describing a special day in a young woman's life.

A Walk in the Forest by Coyote Red
The Funnyheads have a picnic adventure in the forest!

WAR of the WIZARDS by Ark
Can Kain beat the evil wizard Thanatos and save the kingdom of Ark?

The Warriors of Avalon (parts 1 - 2) by Hoshi
Three friends find their destiny in trying to save the doomed planet of Avalon.

We All Float On/Valencia My Love by Sephira jo
What is given up when the last of a species puts existence above all else?

We Know Where You Sleep by Red Succubus
Ships hover above the city and an elite group prepares for world conquest.

Wheel of Time Fortune Teller by Christina Wang
Pick a number and see what's in your future!

Why Create a Universe? by WarpZone
A Kamishibai story-teller offers up a story about the creation of the universe.

Wilson Loses His Mojo (a House M.D. fanfic) by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
Dr. House gets his friend Dr. Wilson drunk and pulls a surprising prank.

Wings by Morgan Tep
A girl with one wing goes in search of a god. [This story was an entry in the 1st Mount Helicon Kamishibai Competition.]

Wishing Star by Firefly
Utada wishes on a star which promptly lands and hatches.

Wolverine Is Not In This Issue by London
Evil doers attempt to commit evil! It's up to a small band of super heroes to stop them.

X-Men: New Recruits by Tenchi
Watch as characters from other kamishibai join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters!

XXXX Online EX (parts 1 - 2) by Red Succubus and Rikki Hyperion
A side story to the Top 20 Kamishibai featuring a bard and the girl who will do anything for him.

Youthful Witch Etheria (parts 1 - 2) by Karthokrinden
A young girl has been accused of witchcraft after the death of her loved one, will she seek revenge?

Zero! by Zero
Mike gets a new Zero skateboard. Can he master it?

Zodiac Knights by Akira
A comedy about 12 knights and gods trying to save the world.

Zombi Blood (parts 1 - 2) by Rebecca-chan
Miko loses her best friend only to find a destiny.

Ălien: An Illegal Brand by Shael Jenias
A parody of the original Ăliň

Ăliň by Shael Jenias
Can the fate of a small planet like Ăliň truly rely on ten small robots?

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