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Kamishibai Viewer

from Accursed Toys

Want to write your own story? Be sure to read the
Kamishibai FAQ and the Kamishibai Story Guidelines!

Kamishibai Viewer v1.31
This is the complete package of the Kamishibai viewer with documentation needed to create new stories. Even more information is available in the Kamishibai FAQ.
Comes with the story "The Legend of Ika Takozushi" by Stephen Lepisto and Jennifer Diane Reitz.
New in v1.31:
  1. Change: Added support for PNG files. PNG files are now the preferred image file format.
  2. Change: Added ability to reload the story titles from within Kamishibai.
  3. Change: Added ability to specify a different location where stories can be stored.
Be sure to read the whatsnew.txt file that accompanies this version for all the details!
This version should automatically update all previous versions of Kamishibai. If you do have problems with updating an existing installation, try uninstalling the previous version first then install the new version to the same location as the previous one. All of your stories will remain on your hard drive! If you have any doubts, back up your Stories\ folder before uninstalling the previous version of Kamishibai!

File: kami131x.exe. Size: 4821k
This is a self-installing executable file. Run to install.
For Windows only!

If you need the InstallShield components (MSIA), you can download an archive that contains those components:
File: kamibig120x.exe. Size: 7812k


  • (12/12/2004): Need more scenes in your Kamishibai? Download the (size is 2k) and unzip the contents to a safe place. Then copy the file to gamefile.txt whenever you start a new Kamishibai. This file contains 200 scenes with forward and back links between all scenes. This file is now a part of the Kamishibai install package as of v1.14.
  • (12/12/2004): The oleacc.dll file is part of the Microsoft Accessibility Options which you may have to install separately under Windows 98. Go to the Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs. Click on Windows Setup. Select Accessibility then check and install Accessibility Options. This may work under Windows 95 as well but I have no way of verifying it.
  • (8/7/2004): if you get an error message during installation that says there was a problem downloading ISSscript.Msi, this means either you have a connectivity problem or the Installshield script engine is somehow corrupted on your system. This can be fixed by downloading and installing the ISScript.Msi file manually. Here is the link on Installshield's site: Unzip the file's contents and double-click on the ISSscript.Msi file (from Windows Explorer) to install the file. You only need to do this once.
  • (1/2/2003): if you have Windows 95, you may get an error message about a missing .DLL called oleacc.dll. Unfortunately, as of December 31, 2002, Microsoft has stopped all support for Windows 95 and we must also stop supporting Windows 95. As such, there is no way to add the necessary file to Windows 95 as we don't have it and neither does Microsoft. However, you might try installing the Microsoft Accessibility Options if it is available. See the note for 12/12/2004 for details.
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Heliotrope Also from one of the creators of Kamishibai is "Pastel Defender Heliotrope" by Jennifer Diane Reitz. A poignant story of an automaton searching for her humanity. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

 * Kamishibai FAQ
After you have downloaded the player, be sure to check out the FAQ.
It discusses some common problems and also has complete guidelines to making your own stories!
Includes a story-making tutorial!

Kamishibai Forum
Kamishibai fans have created a forum for all things Kamishibai. Membership is free and all are welcome!

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