Puffy Cats Screen Saver

What do furries daydream about?

Puffy Cats Screen Saver

from Tavicat

From the comic book Reality Check comes a problem of nightmare proportions: puffy cats. Yes, puffy cats. Tan and blue puffy cats. Lots of tan and blue puffy cats. Lots of tan and blue puffy cats dancing to music. So many tan and blue puffy cats dancing to music they fill the screen! This is cuter than all else and the music is just plain happy music! Which is truly strange because Puffy Cats are supposed to be bad, very bad. But they are sooo cute!

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    NOTE: To uninstall, run R!CHECK.EXE which is installed in your Windows directory along with the saver.
    (Self-extracting Windows zip file, size is 1085k. Windows 95/NT only!)

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