Evangelion's Painting Screen Saver

Talk about painting the town red!

Evangelion's Painting Screen Saver

Two girls decide to paint the town but they can't decide on which color to use. So the red-haired girl Asuka goes traditional and uses red paint while the blue-haired girl Rei bucks the trend and uses blue. Which color will your desktop become? All to elevator music called "A Moment When Tension Breaks".

Giniko-chan's Toy Chest Home

    (Self-extracting zip file, size is 262k.)
    (Brought to our attention by Mark Broussard)
    (1/20/1998: thanks to Katsuragi Misato for the name of the blue-haired girl.)
    (2/21/1998: thanks to Lady Andromeda for the name of the red-haired girl.)
    (4/4/1998: thanks to Shinji Ikari for the name of the song.)

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