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Sakura, of Card Captor Sakura, uses her staff to wack holes in your desktop in an effort to get rid of it (it is a screen saver, after all). You can have 1 to 9 Sakura running around making mess of your desktop.

Note: This version has had the configuration dialog translated into English.

Date: 06/17/2001
DOWNLOAD [an error occurred while processing this directive]
File: ccsakura.exe. Size: 237k
This is a self-extracting Windows zip file for Win98/2000 only!
Run archive and put resulting file into your Windows folder. Then use the screen saver section of the Display Applet in the Control Panel to configure it.
(Submitted by Serena Love)

How to use Screen Savers
Read Otaku World's "How to Install Screen Savers" for all the details on using screen savers.

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