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LHA Dynamic Link Library

KiSS dolls are actually made up of a large group of individual pieces. To make it easier to keep track of all the pieces, KiSS dolls are distributed in LZH-compressed files.

WKiSS can use the LHA Dynamic Link Library, LHA.DLL, to decompress KiSS dolls stored in LZH-compressed files.

LHA.DLL is distributed along with some helpful documents for those interested in the workings of this DLL. The files are distributed together in a self-extracting archive, LHADLL.EXE.

If you have correctly followed the installation instructions for WKiSS, you should have already installed this LHA Dynamic Link Library.

If you have not yet installed this DLL, simply place the LHADLL.EXE in the same directory as your WKiSS program and execute it.

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LHA Dynamic Link Library for Windows

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